•"Test him one day call him or meet him and tell him you are pregnant (when you are not) just to see his reaction, trust me you would be shocked." - Vera Sidika

Vera Sidika and Brown Mauzo
Vera Sidika and Brown Mauzo
Image: Instagram

Vera seems to have gained some wisdom and turned into a motivational speaker thanks to her pregnancy.

In the past few weeks, she has been advising women against keeping kids away from their fathers terming it as bitterness.

She has now taken to her socials to advise women to test their men before getting pregnant for them.

Vera says the best way to do so is 'pretending' to be pregnant and see your man's reaction.

That reaction will determine if you should continue with the relationship or not.

Partly the message reads, "Ladies there are men who even tell you to get pregnant then change and become someone different. Never fall for this, it's a trap some men will tell you what you want to hear."

Vera Sidika

Vera recently came under fire for castigating Maureen Waititu for allegedly denying her baby daddy access.

Socialite Vera Sidika said women who deny their baby daddies access to their children only hurt their own children.

Giving an example using gym enthusiast Frankie Kiarie, Vera advised women that they shouldn't punish kids for their selfish reasons,

''Then there are men who get trapped with kids, but still, send upkeep money regularly. Wants to be in the child's life, but the baby momma won't ever let them see the child.

Another piece of advice to my sweethearts, if you don't let your baby daddy see his child, maybe coz you are just bitter, you'll not be together anymore etc. you are not punishing him. It's you punishing your own child.

Coz the day he moves on, dates or gets married and gets another baby in that relationship, he will have the privilege of spending time with his other baby daily, so he will be good and happy.

Even though it hurts him not to see his other children, he'll at least spend time with one. Perfect example; Frankie's situation. Lets not punish kids with our own selfish reasons.''

She later defended herself saying,

"There are baby mommas who have solid reasons to deny dads access to the kids and that's okay...they don't ask for anything just go mute and move on...those aren't the ones I was referring to."

In a lengthier post, Sidika dishes out advice to women who "trap" men with kids.

"I was talking about baby mommas who trapped men with kids thinking kids will keep him but are now bitter."

Vera speaks exclusively of one baby mama she knows who has three kids from different fathers but frustrates only one.

"Like one I know who has three kids in total, different fathers. But would only frustrate one baby daddy who they once dated because he is famous and looking for kiki/clout to get some little followers."

She claims that the baby momma only showcases one child on social media but hides the others.

"Online they act like they only have one child but hide the other kids from social media."

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