• She was speaking during an interview with Spice FM on the show 'Adults in The Room'.

Jane Mugo
Image: Facebok

Private detective, Jane Mugo has exposed some pastors and Christians saying they are among people who cheat a lot.

Speaking during an interview with Spice FM on the show 'Adults in The Room', Jane shared,

"In most cases, 75% Christians cheat but they are doing it in a very professional way.

 They say they have gone for kesha or for deliverance, wameenda kuombewa. Most pastors are also involved.

It's like the world is ending. Nowadays they use cabs and leave phones in the office because wives have put trackers in the car.

Most lodgings are usually full during the day."

Jane added that she feels bad given she cannot exposé some of these people due to a confidentiality agreement between her and her clients.

" When I see people preaching, giving speeches and showing off their babes hua naskia kuwaambia waokoke. 

Out of 5 women you see standing, 2 women know their men are cheating."

Her sentiments might be supported by Jimmy Gait who in an interview with Joyce Gituro said he would never want to marry a girl from the church as most are hypocrites.

"I want a saved woman and not a religious woman.

Most church girls who act religious are not what they are. 

There is a lot of hypocrisy in the church. A woman will act like she is a saint but outside she is a cheater.

Most girls have also become materialistic, I do not have a problem with giving but it ought to be reasonable."

In a recent interview with Rober Burale, Pitson also revealed he used to cheat on his wife and the women he cheated with were all married.

He said,

"Money is like a servant so if you don't give it work it will introduce mischief. With that money I paid rent for so many ladies, I became a sponsor. They would thank me but not with words.

Purity and faithfulness were thrown out of the window, my wife also found out about it. She found out messages and the money budget did not add up as she knew how much I made.

She left and the embarrassing moment is my parents going to her house and promising that their son would behave.

I was being asked questions and I had to accept. Luckily for me, I have never done alcohol nor done drugs. All of these women I kept on the side were saved women."

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