DJ D-Vice and mom, Hellen
DJ D-Vice and mom, Hellen

Three months before his death, Kenyan DJ based in the USA,  DJ D-Vice - real name Davis M. Gwaro -  penned a moving tribute to his mother, Teacher Hellen Gwaro.

He detailed how her 40-years spent in service of shaping young minds as a teacher shaped who he was as a son.

DJ D-vice in a sentimental post wrote, "Mom ~ you’re not teaching anymore and I’m not a student like that but you can always use me for practice."

The spinmaster revealed the last conversation he had with his mum.

She told him, “'Kile unaona ukiwa juu ya mti mi naona nikiwa hapa chini (What you can see when you are up there on the tree, I see when I'm standing down here)'." She told me that last week and I’m glad I’m not her pupil anymore… nowadays tuna consensus."

The banter between the two shows how close their bond was. D-Vice lost his life on Tuesday 7, September 2021 in a car accident.

He was driving a Honda Civic on Interstate 287 north ramp to Interstate 78 east in Bridgewater, said New Jersey State Trooper, Charles Marchan.

At around 1:05 am, he crashed and lost his life.

D-Vice's cousin, Fred Leaky revealed that the mother heard the news of his death and fainted, went into a coma and eventually lost her life.

"After confirming the death of DJ D-Vice, our aunt Hellen, his mother, collapsed, was in a coma and shortly after died breathing her last love for her beloved son," Fred said.

Read the rest of the tribute penned by D-Vice to his mom three months before the tragic accident.

"Phase 1 of her 40 years of dedication to her profession as a teacher is over, our mom retires today (July 1, 2021). She’s been teaching for a third of her life and I can feel what she’s feeling right now just because...MOM."

Adding, "Fun fact. My mom taught my older brother, then when I started class one she was my teacher and when my younger brother was in class 2-3 she taught him too.

The best feeling was being “MTOTO WA TEACHER” I’m glad I’ve been that, some people I went to school with still say that, when trying to remember my name from back in the day.

She was not just my teacher but everybody we went to school with pale KARIBA na KENYATTA, also LANGA.

Me and bros tumekunywa chai ya walimu for some years, all my classmates in lower primary I used to mark and grade your tests while we were in the same class 2 and 3.

Maybe even class 1.

But she never treated us any special in class, I was just like any other pupil. Viboko zake hazikua na bias, anybody who could get it got it.

She saw my talent in art and I made all the drawings and charts on the walls and drew those diagrams on the blackboard for her during lessons.

She taught us how to read and write way before nursery school too.

Eventually, we all changed schools but her dedication to her profession is one of a kind and I love having her as mom/teacher.

We’re grown now and we understand it’s not easy raising three boys into men alone. Realest definition of strength for me because I know how difficult we can be and we’ve been growing up."

DJ Dvice finished off the tribute with "We Love You Mom. See you soon."

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