• Victims of abuse experience a big dilemma even after having a thought of leaving. 

Couple Relationship
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It takes alot of courage for a man or a woman to leave an abusive relationship. 

Often, victims of abuse experience a big dilemma even after having a thought of leaving a relationship. 

They know that the best solution is to leave but there are many questions behind their mind like; What if? Where to? Why not keep trying? 

The main reasons why one can not leave an abusive relationship include; 

1. Fear

Emotional and physical abuse can destroy your self esteem, making you feel vulnerable. 

You will think that your abuser may harm you when you leave. 

For some, they fear being alone and would rather put up with an abusive partner. 

Others fear being judged by the society if their relationship or marriages fail. Hence, they choose to remain and continue being abused. 

2. Believing the abuser can change

One thing that keeps victims of abuse in the same relationship is hope. 

Hope that things are going to be fine. In their thinking; the darkest hour comes before dawn. 

3. External pressure

There is a lot of pressure for one to be in a relationship. At times, friends and family members give one unnecessary pressure to be in a relationship. 

Such discourages on from walking out of a toxic relationship. 

4. Lack of resources

Other victims of abuse are fully dependent on abusers for financial support. 

These only leaves them at the mercy of the abusers. 

If children are involved, most women fear walking out because they feel their children will lack.

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