• Choosing to let go can sometimes save one from more heartbreak. 

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Affairs of the heart are really hard and sometimes it should be let to pump blood alone.

But man wasn't made to live in loneliness either. Everyone deserves love.

Relationships at times tend to go sour and people are afraid to let go or they choose not to.

Choosing to let go can sometimes save one from more heartbreak and the healing process could take its course.

Here are some of the signs that you are not over your ex;

1 Stalking their social media

You constantly check their socials to see if they are online or whether they've updated it.

You're also the first person to watch their updates.

It might be time to charge that phone and let it rest as you are not over them. 2 You find the slightest opportunity to contact them

It's your sister's birthday? It's your cousin's engagement? they're the first person you want to break the news to them.

They might be the first person you told everything about yourself but this is a clear indication that you are not over them.

3 You have little to no interest in pursuing new love interests

Depending on how the break-up with your ex went, You feel like you will never fall in love again which is pretty normal.

After a while, If someone else gets into the picture and you both like each other but you find it hard to find happiness and move on you're not over your ex.

You might want to give yourself some time off and learn to let go of the past.

4 You've started sounding crypticYou've taken to social media to rant and your posts are about 'by the time he realizes he knows what he has lost it will be a little too late'

You've been giving people around you who are in love a 'green eye' well, these are signs that you've not moved on.

5 You talk about them a lot

They seem to creep up in your every conversation and their favorite soup could make you sleep hungry if presented at the table.

This might be a red flag if you keep bringing your ex up in every conversation with your new date.

You can't help it but you might want to re-think talking about them every time as your date might think you're not interested.

6 You've been drunk calling them

You might wake up the next day and pretend as though nothing happened. You will blame it on the alcohol.

This is a sign that you have been suppressing your emotions and they are coming out when you are most vulnerable. You're still not over them.

7 You're stalking their significant other

There's no time frame on when one should move on. When your ex posts their significant other you are quick to stalk them.

Maybe it's time to zen off  your socials or unfollow them to give your heart a break.

There's no proven manual for getting over a heartbreak, but accepting and forging your relationship failures could be the first step.

You'll realize how much importance you gave someone is the factor that branded them special in your eyes.

Practice self-love and be a little kind to yourself.

If you think it is necessary, you may need to go see a specialist to help you sort through your emotions.

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