Incidents of taxi drivers behaving badly is on the rise at the moment. This week Kenyans have taken to the online streets to complain about one of the major ride-hailing services, namely Bolt.

The common complaint has been the treatment they get from the drivers from this app. A few hours ago a certain lady called Aisly Nyambura complained on her Instagram page about the treatment another lady and her brother had received at the hands of a Bolt driver. Aisly's caption read,

"GUYS help me tag @bolt_kenya until they take responsibility. @suzzy_cerra was assaulted by a bolt driver and the best thing they could do is call her and tell her to bring the post down she will get a promo code!! #theaudacity #boltkenya."

Suzzy's own allegation was that she and her brother had been assaulted by a Bolt driver who tried to force her and her brother to enter his car! That wasn't all, the driver wanted them to pay 3 times the price!

When they refused, the driver came out of his car with a rungu which he hit her brother with. The driver then proceeded to remove a knife which he intended to use on Suzzy's brother.

This is when she intervened and tried to defend her brother, which didn't end up well for her as the driver cut her with the knife. 

Bolt Kenya was quick to respond to the allegations with their own message telling Kenyans that they would launch an investigation into Suzzy's claim.

Bolt added that they were in contact with the police and had already contacted the driver through their customer support team. Check out a screenshot of their response below:

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