The death toll of today's crane accident that occurred in Hurlingham opposite DOD headquaters has risen to 9.

The tragic incident occurred at the Qwetu site residences that were still under construction. The building has 14 floors and can accommodate 700 residents.

A worker at the scene told reporters that workers were dismantling the crane after completing work when it crumbled about 70 meters down.

“We were almost breaking for lunch when it came down. One worker was left hanging for a while without help before he also fell down,” the worker said.

Another carpenter, Austine Kuku, who spoke at the scene of the accident said his brother David was among the 9 that had perished. 

"My brother was among the people opening the crane. What has happened has shocked me. Even a call is coming from my home in Migori county asking what had happened. I haven't even told our mother. Another brother of mine has told me not to tell her. It's so painful my brother has gone," he narrated as he unsuccessfully tried to choke tears away.

Kilimani OCPD Muturi Mbogo confirmed that the crane collapsed as the workers were dismantling it. 

“We have at least eight bodies at the site after the crane collapsed as it was being dismantled. Investigators are working to know how and why it happened,” he said.

The senior police officer added that the contractor had completed the outer works and was removing the crane when the incident happened at about midday. 

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