Bishop David Muriithi has had an embarrassing month of August after it was alleged that he might have sired a child with a woman unknown to most Kenyans.

In a recent video doing the rounds online, the bishop can be seen speaking about the human condition and pleading his case as an imperfect human being.

The video starts with Mr. Muriithi on the pulpit narrating his journey as a man of God spreading the gospel of grace for the past 30 years.

"I have preached the gospel of being saved by grace through works for close to 30 years. A gospel that is based on the scriptures of Ephesians chapter 2 verse 8 to 9," he started.


"I have never claimed to be more righteous than any human being. I have never claimed to be more holy than any mortal."

He finished off by giving his own great speech the sort Shylock in the Merchant of Venice would be proud of. The charismatic preacher reiterated,

"I was born at Pumwani Hospital. My mother attends this church, just like anyone who was born. And yet in as much as I am called and anointed. I am human and can falter and make mistakes just like anyone. Make no mistake about it."

Check out the video below:

This apology/non-apology comes at a time when the Bishop has asked for a DNA test to confirm the paternity of the child claimed to be his.

However, the woman’s lawyer Danstan Omari told the court that the DNA test is an afterthought by the bishop since he has already admitted paternity in his affidavit filed in court on Tuesday.

Omari said in the affidavit sworn by Muriithi, there is nowhere that the issue of DNA came up.

He also asked why is the issue was being brought up in court without a formal application.

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