• Kenyans have unique phrases that mean different from what it's supposed to.

Nairobi Street
Nairobi Street
Image: Reuters

Kenyans are known to have the best sense of humor, the reason why KOT is the goat on Twitter in Africa.

Karibu Kenya, where we have our unique phrases that mean different from what it's supposed to.

Some of these phrases are;

1. Mum ame kusalimia

This is one of the phrases used to lie in the relationship for the woman to feel special.

Do not fall for this at any one point as the poor woman(the man's mother) doesn't know you exist.

2. Ndio huyu mimi nakam

These are people who haven't even bathed or even embarked on the meet-up.Just get back to whatever you were to do or find other plans.

3. I think I need space/ghosting

They have found other people but if it doesn't work out as expected they will be back.

The ghosting and them needing space is just a polite way for them to tske you for a ride.

4. Aki Nipromise hautajam

When a Kenyan man has messed up and is forced to tell the truth he brings that up to avoid getting scolded. The funny thing is that immediately he says whatever it is he was to say, that statement is forgotten.

5. Si tupostpone

This is someone who has found better plans than yours so save yourself the embarrassment and let them be.

6.Si pole bas

When all other forms of persuasion have failed. Their last resort is that phrase.

7. Uko tu sawa

A polite way of telling someone they don't look good. Kenyans might even throw a 'kama uko sawa wewe uko sawa.'

9. Covid ikiisha nitakuja

The chances of this happening are highly unlikely. Find someone else and stop wasting precious time.

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