The two brothers, Fred Mureithi, 30, and Victor Mwangi, 25, who were lynched and brutally murdered in Kitengela, Kajiado, were buried yesterday at their Mayu village home in Nyandarua county.

The two together with their two cousins Mike George, 29, and Nicholas Musa, 28 had gone to Isinya to celebrate Victor's 25th birthday, on Sunday, August 8 when they were lynched by angry villagers after allegedly mistaking them for cattle thieves.

During the burial of the two siblings, the mother, Lucy Wanjiru, read a moving tribute to her two sons.

Lucy Wanjiru pays moving tribute to sons; Freddie and Victor
Lucy Wanjiru pays moving tribute to sons; Freddie and Victor

Flacked on both sides by her relatives, Lucy took the podium and read, "Fred and Victor, my sons from the day you were born you were a gift from God and you made my world complete. You were my joy.

Whenever I was down, I looked up to you and that restored my energy and enthusiasm. When I was sad, you made all efforts to make me happy. You have a special bond that even death cannot break.

Fred and Victor, you are both very special to me, the apple of my eye. It seems unbelievable, very unbelievable that you are no more. I wish it is all a bad dream and that after waking up, I will see you again.

I will miss all the time we had together and remember your special smile and caring heart. You fill my days with sunshine. You are my sunshine but one day I will hold both of you close at last as we always did."

In a shaky voice, Lucy continued, "Freddie, I remember our last conversation and the words, 'Mother unapendwa sana na tunakuombea'.

They are very fresh in my mind.

Fred, you told me you might not attend the birthday ceremony instead you will go to church, little did I know that it was the last moment I could hear your golden voice."

Lucy broke down as she read the rest of the tribute.

May Freddie and Victor rest in peace and their mother find comfort in these trying times.

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