• 12 brands of Ugali flour and 15 wimbi flours have been blacklisted.

A piece of Ugali
A piece of Ugali
Image: Courtesy

You could be feeding on toxic substances while enjoying your Ugali or porridge at home. 

The Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS) has released a list of Ugali and porridge flour brands that are unfit for human consumption. 

The 27 brands have been blacklisted by KEBS failed to meet their standards. 

Here is a list of the Maize flour brands that are unfit for human consumption. 


Equatorial Ugali Afya



Pembe flour


Sima Tamu


Ugali Bora

Unga Sawa

Uwezo and,


The Uji flour mixes that have been blacklisted are;

Soko Wimbi Mix

Winnies Pure Health-Ugali Afya

Greenhouse Pride Polished Wimbi with Milk Powder

Golden Porridge Flour Sour Uji Mix

Najah Nutrition Food Family Porridge

Natasha Porridge

Excellent Nutritious Porridge

Split Peas Flour Unga Wa Bhajia

Generation Wimbi Porridge Flour

Famila Natures Food The Original Ujimix (sour porridge).

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