• Adelle Onyango's  Legally clueless was among the top three most listened to podcasts in Kenya.

Adelle Onyango
Adelle Onyango
Image: Instagram

Recent data shows that Kenyans are consuming local content more when it comes to podcasts.

Podcasts have really grown over the years and content creators are having it easy as the equipment required is accessible.

A list of the top three most popular local podcasts in Kenya are;

1. The Mics Are Open

This is a Kenyan podcast hosted by three popular radio presenters. Their podcast description is 'A slightly skewed look at life through the lens of three radio presenters'

2. Legally Clueless

Legally Clueless is a weekly podcast by Kenyan media personality & social activist: Adelle Onyango!!

Adelle had the following to say when she heard that Legally clueless was among the top three most listened to podcasts in Kenya.

“2 years after founding my podcast, Legally Clueless, it’s very clear to me that we are in the middle of a great shift in the media space...

A shift that I believe is very important for Africans because we can finally have full agency over our voices, stories, and issues that affect our communities in a manner that is unbiased or censored...

On my podcast we have various Africans sharing stories from their lived realities and it has resulted in us learning more about each other and realizing our similarities, differences, and most importantly, our raw strengths... I’m very excited about the podcasting space in Africa.”

3. The Sandwich Podcast

This is a podcast with four of some influential Kenyan youths on Twitter. They use banter to tell their stories and it seems Kenyans are hooked!

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