Lucy Wanjiru and her sons who were killed in Kitengela
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Today, friends and family of the two young brothers who were killed in Kitengela turned up, queuing from as early as 8 am to view their remains. 

The family will leave the mortuary at 5 am on Friday. 

The deceased uncle Joseph Macharia said that the family had decided to allow friends and relatives, who might not be able to attend the burial in the countryside, to view the bodies and pay their last respect. 

"The people had said the 5 am departure time is too early and many won't make it. That is why we decided to allow them to bid farewell to their friends today before they are rested," Macharia said. 

 The two were part of four people killed during the 6 pm incident in Kitengela. The other two were Mike George, 29, and Nicholas Musa, 28.

George was buried in Kisii on Thursday while Musa's burial is set for tomorrow in Ukambani.

A postmortem examination of the body of the two brothers done on August 12 showed they were repeatedly hit on the head with an object, rupturing the soft tissues.

The injuries inflicted caused internal bleeding in the brain tissues, a postmortem report shows.

Fredrick Mureithi with his younger brother Victor Mwangi
Fredrick Mureithi with his younger brother Victor Mwangi

On the day the two died, they had left their house looking for a place to buy chicken in Kisaju area for a celebration to mark Mwangi's 26th birthday. 

They stopped near a riverbank at Enkamulyat area, some 14km from Kitengela town.

Residents who saw motorbikes parked by the riverbank thought the owners were out to steal their cattle.

The residents raised alarm and without listening to the young men's pleas, descended on them with spears and clubs. 

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