Social media isn’t something any of us were taught in class. Stuff like how to open an Instagram, Facebook, Twitter accounts or what to post or what not to post depended on someone's personality.

The monetization of social media is another aspect that has become a game-changer in recent years.

Here are some social media tips for both content creators and consumers of social media

Be straight to the point in DMs

If you’re not friends or acquaintances, be direct with what you want. The hello, hey’s and small talks could get you ignored as you keep wondering why.

Negative comments

Some bullies are never ready for the clap backs. They could even delete their ‘savage’ comments to save face. This embarrassment could be avoided or better yet don’t be a coward if you choose violence.

Private accounts

You can’t be an artist, musician, content creator, have an online shop and yet have your account in private mode.

People can’t support you in your incognito mode. You need to be confident in the content you are putting out there.

Also, people need to see what you have in store for them to support you. They can’t buy what they can’t see either.

Be your biggest supporter first

You cannot ask people to share your content as a musician or comedian if you haven’t put them on your socials.

For online sellers, you should show people pictures of you promoting your product.

Prices should be posted with the item

If the prices are indeed fair prices should accompany the item. It also saves time for the seller as they are not replying to the same question in the DMs.

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