After the viral house tour, Joan Kubai defends using matatus

Joan Kubai
Joan Kubai

Rich kid Joan Kubai was the talk of the town after she treated her Snapchat fans to a house tour of their palatial Runda mansion.

The video of the mansion complete with a well-mowed backyard and a swimming pool was posted on Youtube by various gossip pundits.  

What started out as a small house tour for her Snapchat fans blew up into a viral video and trending topic on all social media platforms.

Joan Kubai
Joan Kubai

At the time, an overwhelmed Joan said, "That is not right. That is an invasion of privacy. And me posting it did not mean that people should repost it talking about how my dad got his money or how he is into the illegal business."


"That wasn't the point for the video, that wasn't the point for the house tour. I was just posting like any other post. Kenyans have blown it out of proposition."

Months later, Joan is making waves again.

Sharing a short video of herself in a matatu, the rich kid explained, "I'm really working on low energy as of now. And I'm just praying I get through the day."

After a lot of eyebrows were raised over the matatu ride, Joan defended the use of the local means of transportation.

"I prefer taking a matatu to town than using an Uber because it is much simpler and cheaper."

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