Samidoh was a most wanted man this week after some allegations that Karen Nyamu made against him this week. 

The man seems to have ignored the claims and has gone back to what made him famous in the first place, his wonderful music.

Just a few minutes ago, the Mugithi star released a new song on his YouTube page that he is heavily promoting.

The song is called, Muthoniwa. His caption on Instagram promoting the song is, "Wendo nì wìtùragìra njìra ...(Mapenzi hujitengenezea njia)100k views under 24hrs, Ngai amurathime(Ngai amuathime muno)- God bless You!!"

What is interesting is that the song has reached over 100k views at this moment. Clearly, the fuss this week has not hurt but promoted his new song.

Some of the comments from his fans are below:

Approved Hit! #RekeSquad Mnasema Aje? Mpo?!!

Another big tune. Still remains The king of mugithi #Samidoh Keep soaring higher Bro.

Wow wow happy for you bro.. ☺ kikamba tamu.

This was just amazing

Thee king of Mugithii

Wimbo mtamuu unaweza toa nyoka sio pangoni tu ata pangani😅 Twende Twendete Kaka brasa

Muthoniwa SKM Hit Song is here!

No scandal or rumors can bring Samidoh down. He's the king

Kindù kìa mwene nì kìa mwene.

Asante kwa support 🤝

Am still hopefull...and may be one day we will get "another one" like Mùrata wa Ngai, kairetu gakwa, wendo maguta, wendo na urimu among others classics. Keep strong !!

May God's blessing that surpasses human understanding and good health be everybody's portion who will see this comment...Amen🙏

Clearly, his fans are enjoying the content and don't care that much about his scandals and will keep supporting his music.

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