Mike Sonko has divided Kenyans after making a controversial post on his social media. The former governor turned blogger has become a commentator on social and cultural issues since he was ousted as the governor of Nairobi.

Today morning, Mr. Sonko spoke on an issue that had clearly bothered him, gay marriage. In his post, the wealthy politician was of the opinion that it was a bad thing, writing, 

Hawa watachomwa na Mungu mpaka mikunde zao ziwe kama mboga ya mkunde( These will be burned by God until their legumes are like the leaves of the palm tree).

While Kenya might be a "conservative" country, his opinion still divided Kenyans on something that is still frowned upon in many African countries.

Most of the comments that disagreed with him told the politician to stop judging others as every person had their own little sin.

Some of those comments are below:

We all sin differently. You included.


Mtu anaamua kula mavi nkt.

One love.

Love you my leader.

Whue mwesh umewa tusi bwana.

Ballentines ishaanza kuingia kwa system.

Feels like.

Mweshimiwa Huna Adabu.

your caption made me laugh bisinko.

Hawa wanafaa viboko.

I love this one.

Jesus!πŸ™†β€β™€οΈπŸ™†β€β™€οΈdunia imeisha.

That's why everyone own his body and soul......don't judge them...better this committing sin on their body politicians lost many souls, deprived right of many, stole public properties etc etc.....is better to pray for them than judge them.

Na we utafanyiwa nini? Bro.

Mhesh umekuwa bladifuckin hapa.

Hakuna Dhambi ndogo wala kubwa.

Boss Never judge..No one is holy.. Leave them to God..

Waah ati what.

Nakwambia Dunia iko na vituko kwanza huku America unaona live live till unashangaa kama ni movie.

Kanisa ilianza na Catholic na Pope is ok and so is God.pesa zao tunachukua as tax and funding. Mimi nafungua company ya kuuza daiper boot ikiwa loose.let God judge.

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