• Professor Hamo and Jemutai worked together on Churchill show. 

Professor Hamo and his bab mama Jemutai
Image: Instagram

Many people shy away from working in the same office or business with their partners. 

For others, they do it secretly, hiding from reality. 

When it comes to family businesses, some people refuse to work with their partners because of trust issues. 

Whether in the same office or business, there is a good thing about working with your partners. 

Other than administrative laws in your work environment, not much should discourage you from embracing a relationship with a workmate. 

Many Kenyan celebrities have proven that working together actually works. 

Take an example of Professor Hamo and Jemutai, the couple who worked together at the Churchill show. 

And when the job ended, they have bounced back to the business of content creation and are even winning lucrative deals together. 

When in such a situation, working together will enable both partners to grow their careers. 

You can consult with each other, share ideas and come up with the best ways to implement them as a team. 

Working together can save on transport costs. Carpooling helps a couple to spend less money on transport because they can get to work or go home together, in the same car. 

You get to spend more time with each other while working together. When there is a one-week retreat at your workplace, there are high chances that you can go together. 

When it comes to business, working together will only make the business prosper. This is if you have shared goals. 

Also, working with your partner gives you a high-level understanding of certain circumstances. Imagine being a medical doctor, and having a spouse who does not understand that you can have a latenight emergency call, or night shifts. 

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