Samidoh has been a missing person since some accusations surfaced this week against him. Most Kenyans wondered where he had disappeared to?

Good news Kenyans. The man is alive and well! Today evening the Mugithi star made an appearance on his Instagram page.

The caption to his post was promoting a new song of his. it read, "Kìndù kìa mwene ni Kìa mwene!!! (Mali ya mtu ni yake" MÙTHONIWA" Officially out.View on my You Tube Channel...Asante for the support."

Some of his fans asked questions regarding the allegations that Karen had made against him earlier this week, while others congratulated him on the release of a new song. Samidoh will most likely not respond to the comments.

Nyamu herself went on her Instastories at nearly the same time. Her message read, "You can't compete with me, I want you to win."

What is interesting though, is that this song can be seen as a direct response to the song Karen Nyamu was spotted listening to this week.

In the Kikuyu song, she was listening to, the man singing tells a certain man to leave his woman alone as she was his.

Might this song by Samidoh be a response to it? It is possible. Whatever is going on behind the scenes must make for a great drama script.

Don't forget that Samidoh and Karen have a son together, so one shouldn't call the end of the relationship just yet.

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