It seems that things between Otile Brown and Nabayet have ended. The two have unfollowed each other on social media, one of the clearest indicators of separation in this social media age.

The two were last seen in April together when they went on a beautiful vacation together but since then word from the two has been scant.

The reason for that seems to be that they might have broken up, something keen media watchers observed when they saw that the two were no longer following each other.

The worst part is that the pair seemed to be so in love with each other the first time that they met.

If indeed the couple has gone their separate ways this will be a sad indictment for the R and B singer who specialises in singing love ballads.

Don't forget that his former girlfriend who scandalised him, Vera Sidika, has been able to move on to another man, Brown Mauzo.

The two are even expecting a baby together with the due date in a couple of months. Recently, the couple even decided to mock him when they posted a video of Brown singing the love song Otile had written for Vera, to her!

I believe Otile must have been fuming. I know I would have. Let's hope that the "Dusuma" singer soon gets his groove on as far as getting love goes. 

For there is nothing as sad as a sad and forlorn R&B singer. 

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