Kenyans were surprised that Willy Paul was the most-searched-for Kenyan musician for the past 15 years?

This fact despite, the fact given that he received backlash after he changed his gospel stripes to become a secular artist.

It remains undeniable that he is indeed some things right. 

Given his win, the ‘Kamati ya roho chafu’ singer took to Instagram to boast and praise himself for the achievement. 

Gospel deejay DJMo also jotted down his congratulatory message in the comments.

While Willy Paul basks in his happy bubble, his counterpart Bahati has gone on record to say that Willy Paul has nothing on him.

In an interview with another entertainment blog, he claimed that both he and his wife Diana are on a higher league.

"Willy Paul might be the most Googled musician but my wife still has more clout than him. I stopped trying to argue with these guys who are so focused on getting clout than they should be with bettering themselves. So I left them to compete with my wife. That is all they can do. Willy Paul is competing with my wife for clout. Hatuko ligi moja." he said.

He went in to call Msafi a “small artist” with whom he can barely raise his brow to check out their achievements

"I no longer comment on these small artistes and whatever they have done. I am strictly focused on my biashara and endorsement deals. I am focused on taking care of my family and music, nothing else."

Bahati is in his own league, but is it necessarily a higher league than Willy Paul’s? Ama yetu ni kamati ya roho chafu tu?

What do you think?

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