Jamal Marlow with wives Amira and Amber Ray
Image: Instagram

Amira, the first wife to Jamal Marlow seems to be living the life on her Instagram stories.

From her case, we have learnt that wababa can really embarrass you.

After recent revelations that socialite Amber Ray and Jimal are still an item, Amira went on a venting spree as she accused her husband of gifting "nyumba ndogo' her Bluetooth speaker.

"Aaii, people who can't earn for what they need though and how are you going to give out household items? Now I need a new Harman Kardon!!" she wrote.

She added;

 "Kwani tunashare umaskini ama utajiri wa kujiwekelea. Earth is hard. SMH."

She wasn't one to air her business on the internet but it seems she has borrowed a few things from her co-wife.

Before Amber Ray and Jimal dated, not much was known of Amira.

This embarrassment has been a blessing in disguise to her, as she has gotten a lot of business engagements online, of late.

Her Instagram stories are booming with advertisements from small businesses and it seems she is making money.

They say the best revenge is your paper!

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