Frankie JustGymIt surprised Kenyans today when he decided to go out on the streets raising a placard urging people to hit the gym.

His placard read, ''Look at your stomach. Are you happy?'' the placard read.

The message was seen as a positive by most Kenyans but there are some who construed it as an attack on them. 

The popular fitness instructor didn't mention anyone in particular but that didn't stop some Kenyans from voicing their displeasure at his message.

Thing is Frankie didn't mention names or target anyone in particular but his question triggered mixed reactions on social media with quite a number of users differing with him.   

One, in particular, Twitter influencer Mwende Susu, made it known that his action felt like fat-phobia.

"Because fatphobia sells. Most working out programs are pegged on aesthetics which are conflated with happiness and not health-focused."

She then went on to add in subsequent comments, 

"The markers of 'health' are things like cholesterol levels, working of the heart, kidney, liver, etc if that is why you're claiming the goal is to work out. Abs and a round butt have nothing to do with health. They're just the latest trends lol."

And some more, 

"Just to clarify, I'm a proponent of body neutrality. Because for sure a lot of markers of health are ableist. Also, these trends aren't naturally possible for most people hence plastic surgery. Anyway, just saying we need to stop pretending what the fitness industry is all about."

There are some who agreed with her comment. Some of those comments are below;

This picture to me is a reminder that a flat stomach isn’t happiness or a sign of good health. For some reason turning people against themselves sells that’s why he’s not out there asking if people want 2 get healthier. He’s body-shaming peeps into giving him biz. Misery loves co.

Aki when men speak I just

But there are those who called her out.

Just exercise please. Atu happiness

I know right???

Thanks for saying this aki.


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