Karen Nyamu and Samidoh have been in the news this week for you know what.

Since then, we have only seen Karen who made an impromptu appearance on Kelvin Shaban's Instalive today morning.

She said that after the incident that she had received a phone as a replacement for one she had lost earlier in the week. 

"Nilipata simu leo, iPhone 12, alitumana simu rafiki yenu. (I got a phone today, an iPhone 12. Your pal sent the phone.)"

Asked who the friend is she said, "Your friend sent the phone, just that."

 While things might seem bleak at the moment, I believe that attempts are being made to salvage this relationship and that the chances of them splitting apart are getting slimmer by the day.

Why do I say that? First off, Samidoh has been silent on and off social media. That tells me that a lot of backroom deals might be going on between their respective families.

Why is this a possibility for me? Well, earlier this year Karen admitted that her father had told her to drop his name over issues she had had with Samidoh.

“My father was very angry with my reaction over the Samidoh issue. My furious father told me to drop his name, ‘Nyamu’, from my name as I was embarrassing him with the social media posts. I was saddened to see my father hurt over the issue,” she told Lifestyle.

During the interview, she also disclosed that they had settled their differences after having a family meeting.

“We have agreed not to raise the issue again especially in the media,” she said. But Karen went to social media again.

This proves that Nyamu and Samidoh can deal with their issues away from the public spotlight.

Her appearance on social media today has shocked me to say the least because it might scupper the efforts of those in the background trying to repair this situation.

Not only that, the way Karen's and Sam's relationship has been going in the past, I think the drama is something that draws them to each other, just like Jamal and Amber Ray or Noti Flow and her current gf, King Alami.

This looks like a mountain to most people but for two people who don't mind drama(and have shared the same bed), this might just be a molehill for them.

Caveat-I am in no way advocating for any respective action from any of the parties involved. This is just a simple opinion.

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