Noti Flow got the ire of Kenyans today morning after posting an advert on her social media page. The reason for some Kenyans going hard at her was that the ad she had posted was for beauty products on her Instagram page.

Noti's caption promoting the beauty products read, "For the best beauty products follow. Hipup, breast firmer, whitening creams and more. Very affordable prices."

Some felt that she shouldn't advertise a product that she herself wasn't using particularly the breast and butt-enhancing products.

Read some of the comments below: 

Nikama kuadvertise kiatu na wewe huvaa slippers.

We si utumie uongeze matako.

Mbona yy hajapaka kwa hips zake.

Stop misleading as an influencer dont just make money out of makind ads of some stupid meds without caring about your followers wewe matako yako ni ndogo ungetumia kwanza ndio you advertise. #noapologies.

Charity begins at home....anza kuzitumia kwanza coz as far as I am concerned you have small ass and very small boobs too,so I think u need them more than we do.

Ww mbona usitumie kwanza ,,,tuone umetoa matakoo kubwa na boobs kubwa

And where the hell is your ass at?

Noti wasn't taking any crap from anyone and told them that she had done just well with she had, writing, "With my small ass & boobs you still follow me I'm comfortable with my small ass & boobs hun. This is a paid ad for those who'd like big ass & boobs. Funny you'd hate on an ad."

One thing that I will note is that it is O.K to bodyshame skinny women but if you do it against curvier women, society frowns on that.

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