Jamal Rohosafi is taking a beating right now on both social media and from his two "wives". The man has turned into a laughing stock after both his first wife, Amira, and his other "wife", Amber have started taking shots at him.

What is interesting is that Jamal himself has been trying to keep himself from social media. This past weekend he failed miserably when he posted a message saying how much he missed a certain person.

His message read, "I miss her (my sweet and sour)." Many rightly thought that he was speaking about his ex-wife Amber Ray with whom they split up in Mid-July.

Today was a day of reckoning for him as he has taken some serious body blows from the women he called his intimates, that I am wondering how he still believes in love.

It started with Amira accusing him of giving out her speaker to another "woman". Amira then took more shots at him while showing off a beautiful Rolls Royce Cullinan in Dubai.

Her caption is what really stung, "I am already better than his next," she wrote. And that wouldn't be the last diss that Jamal received today.

Amber for her part came out with her own diss an hour ago, writing, "I don’t know who needs to hear this but not everyone you lose is a loss ..... well, not unless it’s me then you fvcked up🤣 #amberthebrand #kambabreed♨️"

When both the women you used to call wife, start treating you with such contempt, then you know that there is a big problem!

What Jamal is going through is all his own doing. Managing a polygamous family is a skill in itself, not just about having money.

It's not about wanting a woman and just having her. Sleeping with a woman is a one-day skill. Keeping a wife is a lifetime skill.

The moment the public knows that you are having problems dealing with your wives is the moment your authority and thus leadership is really questioned.

Jamal's problem-He has lost the respect of both Amber and Amira. The sad thing is I don't think he will ever get it back.

But what do I know...

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