•"He would beat me and I would stick around to make things work yet he was out there cheating." Classic 105 caller

Maina Kageni
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Mwalimu King’ang’i has advised young men to work hard and focus as that is the only way women will be able to look at them.

This he said during the Morning discussion on Classic 105 after women called in saying they prefer older men.

According to the women most young men lack ambition, are jealous and controlling and the most obvious reason is that they have no money.

Some men have also perfected the art of dating older women.

“Kenyan young can’t manage the current woman.

Ni kama Arsenal kulilia Messi, you know you need him but you can’t afford him.

Young men wako CRB wamekopa kila mahali because of these ladies. Boy child hana pesa,” said Mwalimu

A female caller said she is in her 30’s and plans to remarry at 50.

"I left my marriage last year and I plan to get married at 50. In the meantime, I am living life.

I got married at 24 and it took me 15 years to walk out. Right now I just want to live my life.

Young men don’t know how to be companions, how can I spend time with a man who is not looking forward to making me their companion?"

Another caller narrated,

“Let me tell you Maina, hawa young men are a no-go zone. I had decided to settle down and was dating these guys but ile kichapo nilikua nachapwa acha tu.

He would beat me and I would stick around to make things work yet he was out there cheating. I would rather date an older man.”

Narrating his experience being kept by an older woman, *Mike (name changed to protect identity) told Maina on the Morning conversation,

"These women have money and that is what I am after. I am married and dating a woman who is 17 years older than me.

She is my boss, even now when I want 20K she will give me.

She pays my rent, takes care of my clothing and everything else in my house. I can't leave her. I am even thinking of moving to her house and live with her.

She is 48 and not married, I am 31.

My wife suspected  I was cheating with an older woman 3 years ago but I lied she is my cousin.

We have been together for 6 years and we have a daughter who is 5 years old."

Another male caller confessed to being kept by an older woman.

"I am currently dating an older woman.

I am married and working and so is my wife but all her cash goes to the salon and other things.

I have to use my salary to pay bills and so my sugar mummy has been the one paying my kid's school fees.

She has even promised to buy me a car,nani hapendi gari?

I don't care who judges me, hivo ndivo situation iko." He bragged

Ladies would you prefer dating a young , loving and broke guy or an olderand rich guy?

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