Jalang'o is becoming the hero for many Kenyans. The Kiss100 presenter has been blessed with a lot of wealth, that he is blessing people with.

The man has turned into another Kenyan man's champion after his most recent wonderful act. The comedian decided to offset a man's rent arrears of 18k.

Jalang'o had seen a story of the man who had taken to the streets with a placard to ask for help paying his rent.

But good for him that Jalas as many people know him decided to pay his 3 months rent. 

 This isn't the first time that the media juggernaut has put on his Superman cape. Just last month Jalang'o pledged that he would pay the fees for the late daughter of actor, Papa Shirandula.

During the one-year memoriam, he said, “From today onwards,” Jalang’o started.

“Sherry should never worry about her school fees; we will handle it, myself, Otoyo, and Njoro. I will give you a cheque to cater for her entire primary school at Moi Educational Centre and even when she joins high school. Never worry about her education because if Papa was alive, he would have catered for that in a good school,” Jalang’o said.

Bukeko's widow was left teary-eyed saying,

“There are problems you wonder how you will solve, But I thank God because he is a God of solutions; what Jalang’o and his friends have done have melted my heart; I was seated here thinking of school while God was working for me. He has made a solution.” said.

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