David Mathenge aka Nameless and Wahu Kagwi still top the list as one of Kenya’s loveliest couples.

‘ Oldie but goldie’ I may add. For sixteen years, the musical lovebirds have kept the fire burning.

However, being in a relationship and more so a marriage closes one out from a lot of the fun stuff, which is normal for most adults.

Wahu came clean in the couple’s YouTube Q&A video, revealing what she missed most about her single life.

“I miss being able to be spontaneous. If my friends suggest we go to vasha I have to plan the kids, my husband nini nini. Everything now has to be planned I can’t just wake up and go,” Wahu said.

The legendary couple also has their own reality series dubbed “This Love” on Showmax. Where they open up their lives to their fans and followers.

In a recent episode on their show, Wahu revealed that she faced a dilemma on whether to prioritise her marriage or religion, saying,

“I have always been born again and of course with my friends they did not like the fact that he was not saved also, one time I told him it was over. Then he wrote in my journal saying he did not understand why he was not good for me,” said Wahu.

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