Musician Akothee is the embodiment of a strong successful black woman, who gives little attention to what people say.

The mother of 5 does not cower from talking openly about her life struggles and success. Neither does she shy off from giving advice or clapping back at negative fans on her instagram.

Known for being able to keep up with the trends, Akothee was clearly not going to miss out on the trending hashtag “I wish I met you earlier”

Today she shared a cute TBT picture of her two daughters Rue and Vesha babysitting their younger sibling.

Some of the comments from impressed fans are below;

Then you were already à power house and now your are simply and extraordinarily more powerful mama.

Mama,umetoka far.

Enjoy your life to the fullest.

Lakini pesa ni sabuni ya mwili pia

Madam.....we thank God for the far you've come.

Nacheka  yet yangu ni worse..... Weeee

Aki pesa wewe

Strength of a woman

you never disappoint

Indeed people should leave you to enjoy your self this is a big testimony people don't like being in process they are only interested in endings.

Vesha is the current director of Akothee Safaris while Rue baby is now a superstar model participating in pageants such as Miss Universe Kenya.