Karen Nyamu trended today for an unfortunate video that she put out. What was interesting was the reactions on social media to it.

Instead of widespread sympathy, she was met with ridicule and shame by a section of Kenyans.

Some of those comments are below: 

Why does "Karen Nyamu" Always Bring her relationship issues with Samidoh on Instagram and Twitter whenever they Disagree? Not a keeper that one,Belongs to the streets.

Amerix said we keep off such but Samidoh Alilala class.

Makings of a home wreaker. Though samidoh threw himself into that fire. Maji ukiyavulia nguo...

Publicity....its a craving for all socialites.

It's good to have both side of the story. From my understanding, Karen Nyamu is in a mission to destroy Samidoh's family and career. Don't judge him before he give his side of story.

What is interesting is that even women were not being swayed by Karen's video, with most of them calling for both sides of the story before they gave their opinion.

What is really raising my eyebrows concerning this whole issue is the response. Why haven't Kenyans run to Karen's banner and supported her during this time like the way many other women are?

There are a few reasons I can think of the top of my head:

Firstly, the fact that she is considered the other woman might be a contributing factor. Let's not lie, most people have a visceral reaction to people who are considered to be home-wreckers. 

Secondly, there are people who might feel that the situation Karen finds herself in is of her own making and so don't feel anything for her. "Msiba wakuijitakia hauambiwi pole," as the Waswahili normally say.

Thirdly, others might believe that the situation is all make-belief and an attempt to get clout by Karen.

Those are the 3 I can think of at the moment. Either way, the truth will come out when other involved parties speak on it. 

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