Dj Mo had a 2020 that I think he would like to forget. The System Unit owner was embroiled in an embarrassing cheating scandal that almost threatened to ruin all that he has worked for.

The infamous scandal messed up his reputation as well. Even more, we stopped seeing the famous Dj on NTVs crossover 101, a show which he co-hosted along with Grace Ekirapa.

What had happened? Why had he stopped being on Crossover? In a recent interview with a certain entertainment site, Mo refused to comment on the issue and promises that all questions will be answered soon.

"I cannot talk about cross-over 101 because I am currently working on a new project that I will give more information about soon. And when I do that all answers related to crossover 101 will be answered, he said.

Mo also spoke on his relationship with former Crossover co-host Grace Ekirapa saying that she was still his friend.

Did he have any marriage advice for Grace and her new husband Pascal?

 "What I will tell them is 'marriage is the best thing they have decided to do and I am happy for them'.” he added.

How is his relationship with fans after the scandal, "I have a mantra. I put out what I want my fans to know. My social media community does not know what I do not want them to know. I control what a put out there."

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