When most Kenyans think of a happening music producer they think of Magix Enga. Interesting thing is that there are others who are also raking in the money like there is no tomorrow. 

One of those is Nyashinski's producer, Beat ya Keggah. The man has been doing well for himself and is aware of the intense media spotlight.

In a recent interview with Richard Njau on Cleaning the Airwaves, Kegga disclosed that he was making as much as Sh300 million yearly!

Yep, you read that right! He said that after he had gone to the US on a green card he was able to start a business at the age of 23.

He explained that most of his clients were from his referrals, schools and insurance companies that recommended his company’s therapeutic services.

He said that demand for his services went into other states so much so that he even started producing toys for autistic children.

He was doing so well that he even financed Nyashinksi’s come-back track "Now You Know" for Sh 1 million!

But things took a turn for the worse when he fell into a diabetic coma for weeks.

I was in the hospital the rest of 2016 and at the same time the business is going down, the house is going, were breaking up with the mama, it’s now hell.

"I never even got to listen to Now You Know, I never had it in a concert, I never had it being played in a club like live...all my friends would come to visit me and be like yo we are at 5 million,” he said.


He said that after leaving the hospital he had to figure out his health and life, something that took him 2 years to do. But Keggah isn't someone to be trifled with. Even after such setbacks, he was still able to rebuild. 

"You're talking about a business that you're telling us is doing three million dollars even if it's gross revenue yeah, that’s Sh300 million shillings you guy and with change. That business going down that is painful but you are now talking about restarting,” Keggah said.

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