•"So many women have been beaten out of misplaced jealousy." -Kamene Goro

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Jalang'o has advised women not to tolerate abuse from a man just because of the mere fact that he is jealous.

The outspoken radio presenter says it's OK to be jealous but not the point of beating and killing your woman.

Speaking during the Morning Kiss, he shared;

"Number one, if your man is not jealous of you, forget about it. But to a level of jealousy where you're beating women and even killing that I cannot condone. A man cannot stand when another man is taking up his role.

That can lead to death that I cannot lie to you. Men are very very jealous. Men are becoming jealous to an extent of fighting? My kind of jealousy is different then," Jalang'o said.

Kamene who has been a victim of violence in a relationship said,

"So many women have been beaten out of misplaced jealousy. And they are not even fighting the men, it is the women. Because he heard nani alikua na nani."

Cases of women being killed out of jealousy have been on the increase and it's worrying.

Men are also victims especially when infidelity is involved. If a relationship is toxic please walk away.

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