Rumors surrounding MCA Tricky’s move from the Milele FM morning show due to a disagreement with his co-host Alex Mwakideu are confirmed to be null and void.

The comedian cum radio presenter had come from Radio Maisha to replace Jalang’o who left the station in July 2020.

The changes saw him move from the breakfast show to join Chris the Bass in the evening drive show as Jacqueline Nyaminde took up his position in the morning.

However, the comedian has denied claims of dissent with his colleague, maintaining that they are still friends and the changes were due to a new admin in the company.

“If there is a person that I am friends with at Milele is that Mwakideu. Huyo ni morio wangu. We have never had an issue. What happened was just a normal re-shuffle of the line-up," he said.

He added "A new boss came and you know that every boss has their way of doing things and made the changes. There is no way we could fight with Mwakideu. Kwanza we miss each other."

He finished by praising Mwakideu, saying,

"The good thing about Mwakideu is that he guides. I entered the radio game like a comedian but you slowly learn. Mwakideu is that guy who gives you tips on being a comedian on radio."

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