• It is not a rare scene to see hawkers around Nairobi CBD scampering for safety once they see Kanjos from a distance. 

County Askaris
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City Council Askaris alias 'Kanjo' are among the most dreaded men and women in Nairobi CBD. 

Kanjo's have been a threat to businesspersons in Nairobi, especially those operating on illegal grounds such as hawkers. 

These law enforcers are always ready to pounce on hawkers, Matatu operators, and other petty offenders around the city. 

Once they lay their hands on you, they end up stashing you in their rusty pick up as you await further legal processes. 

It is not a rare scene to see hawkers around Nairobi CBD scampering for safety once they see these men and women from a distance. 

Mpasho asked Nairobians to share their experiences in the hands of the law enforcers. 

Here are some of the worst and most hilarious experiences they have had in the hands of Kanjos. 

@ Wickie - "Very frustrating...arrested when selling Mandazis roadside...i just ran with my cash and leave everything there."

@ Stella - "Fun thing is mtu wa food akishikwa mnakula hiyo food yoye meanwhile as you wait for your fate."

@ Rama - Eastleigh nlikua nasmoke kifegi kimama kikasema nataka choma eastleigh...nkapelekwa kamkunji nkalipa 500 for one fegi worth 5 shillings by then..

@ Mutuku - "When we had nakumatt,I bought a flask for our friend who had delivered so that we could buy tea ,moi avenue nilistukia why are hawking tea in town and the flask was new we were standing looking for where to buy tea,I hit him with the flask ikavunjika wakanirusha ndani with my friend for almost three hours tulishukishiwa gikomba after paying them 500."

@ Kalinto - "I was arrested because of recording them while they torturing a hawker "we ni mtu wa news" that's the question they were asking me then it ended at central police station where I was detained with a case of obstruction."

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