•"For the first two and a half months of my pregnancy I breastfed two babies." - Anne Kansiime

Anne Kansiime
Image: Instagram

As the world celebrates breastfeeding week, Ugandan comedienne Anne Kansiime now says breastfeeding does not come naturally for all women.

She says her first days were so painful but she was determined to keep going.

Speaking on her YouTube channel the mother of one said:

"I thank God for the lock down it has enabled me to be able to nurse my new born baby.

I don't know if it's because I had waited for so long to have a baby, I promised to do everything possible for him.

Breastfeeding was painful for me as I was doing it wrongly.

I had a lactation specialist who was teaching me on how to breastfeed but the baby came before I could learn as much as I could.

The second day after I gave birth I felt so much pain, I have never been in such pain.

I had made up my mind to exclusively breastfeed even if it meant using straws." Kansiime joked

She also revealed that after getting a grip on how to breastfeed without feeling pain, she decided to help a friend who bore underweight twins.

This Kansiime did by pumping milk.

"For the first two and a half months of my pregnancy, I breastfed two babies.

I have a friend who gave birth to premature babies. I would pump and send the milk to her. Sadly she lost one baby.

Breastfeeding does not come naturally. I also thank Sky for being supportive there is never I have wanted him to be around and help and he isn't there."

Anne says she loves how big her bosoom has become due to breastfeeding, initially her 'dashboard' was almost nonexistent.

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