Vera Sidika
Image: Instagram

Socialite and businesswoman Vera Sidika is expecting her first child later this year.

The question on everyone's mind is will she breastfeed or use formula. Well, she responded to fans who asked her this via her social media.

A fan asked, "There was a time you said you had breast will you breastfeed with them. Is it possible?"

Vera graciously explained, "It doesn't affect nothing. During breast augmentation, it's normally placed in an empty pocket space and it doesn't ever affect or come in contact with the breast tissues."

Dr. Joyesh Raj, a well-known breast augmentation surgeon echoed Vera's response.

In his blog, Dr Raj explained, "Plastic surgeons agree that breast implants generally do not interfere with the ability to breastfeed. Although this is a common assumption, in most cases it is not true.

The only reason why breast implants may affect breastfeeding is if they are placed through an incision around or under the area that causes nerve damage or impacts the viability of the milk ducts."

He continued, "Furthermore, breastfeeding generally does not damage or ruin breast implants. The implants are protected by the breast tissue and, depending on how they were placed, sometimes the chest muscle. While nursing, the baby cannot bite or otherwise harm implants."

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