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The weather in Nairobi is getting worse by the day.

Walking down the busy streets, one can see that everyone is trying to keep warm.

Some of the must-haves clothes and shoes to keep warm are:

Trench coats

You could never go wrong with trench coats, they are ever trendy.

They give off peaky blinder vibes, and one could see a Thomas Shelby at the mention of trench coats.

They vary in length and are tailored to the owner's desires hence they can also act as cover-ups when wearing short dresses.

Trench Coat
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Boots could be paired with just about anything from leggings, dresses and a leather jacket. Boots ooze warmth and this is the perfect weather for it. There is a variety to pick from. 

When shopping for them one should note that: there are boots customized for the cold weather. They are insulated to keep the warmth.


Scarfs are so sheek and scarf lovers have a variety to pick from. From satin one's to heavier one's

The best thing about scarfs is that they are worn with just about anything.

Some argue that as long as their necks are covered they are good to go.

Remember a warm body keeps the cold at bay.

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