Kiss 100 presenter Felix Odiwuor popularly known as Jalang'o has been in the news this week as he makes an interview splash.

The funnyman has made a lot of revelations about his life but money has been the thing that I and most Kenyans really care about. (Let's not lie).

Jalang'o who has been minting money over the years spoke on the time that he had the privilege of emceeing an event with former US President Barack Obama as the chief guest.

In a recent interview with Tanzanian content channel Ayo TV, Jalang’o said that he was paid $20,000(sh 2000,000).

Obama had travelled to his ancestral village in 2018 to launch the Sauti Kuu Resource Centre founded by his sister Auma Obama.

At the time, Jalang'o wasn't thinking about the money he made but how starstruck he was.

He went blank for a minute while speaking to Obama and all he could utter was, "Yes, sir."

"So the frisking and everything happened and you are allowed into the venue. So Obama walks in and the best thing is I was in a room with him while I was being briefed."

He thought it was over when he welcomed Obama on stage, only for the President to walk towards him.

"He stretches his hand but I can hardly remember anything he said."

Jalang'o said the event opened doors for him and he got to MC many more corporate and presidential events.

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