Is there a female voice that has so enamored older Kenyans than that of veteran TV anchor, Catherine Kasavuli?

The lady who had grace, class and poise soothed Kenyans during the Moi and Kibaki era with her dulcet voice that could literally calm an attacking bear!

This year, the mother of one decided to return make a return as one of the new(old) faces in the KBC anchoring chair.

Many celebrated her come-back, as they should. If there was a hall of fame in this country for journalists and reporters, she should be there.

But I digress. The purpose of this story is to talk about Miss Kasavuli's cooking-that is her skills for making chapati.

Using her Instagram page, Cathy shared a wholesome meal, which included some nicely made chapatis and two different types of meat stew on bowls on the side. 

Wine glasses, a nice candle holder were also present in the elegant set-up. Her caption was what took the cake for most Kenyans.

She explained that she always goes over the top when making chapatis as it is still a huge affair in her house.

She also urged Kenyans to keep the chapati culture burning. "Am I the only one who still gets extra whenever l cook chapatis? It's still a big affair in my house. #TudumisheMilaTafadhali," she wrote. 

Many Kenyans commented on her post with most praising her for her cooking while others were left impressed with how nicely the table was set. 

Some of those comments are below;


I love chapati, but they just don't love me back

It's a no brainer

My mum sends them round to my house every so often and it feels it's Christmas. The joy of stew with chapo and that morning tea with chapo is all the more reason to get it extra.

You don't say. I'm that guy who has ranked it like really up.

Tualike tuje tule kwaa pamoja

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