Ex KTN boss Peter Opondo
Image: Linked In

Former Standard Group editor, Peter Opndo has taken to his LinkedIn account to announce that e was "sacked" by the media house.

"I was sacked! Life isn't all about highs, sometimes it's about lows. We rarely talk about our lows, so let me share mine."

He continued, "This past week, the Standard Group PLC sacked me. I have worked for many employers over the past 20 years...it is the first time I am terminated for "unsatisfactory performance".

There was no formal appraisal or feedback, there was no documentation or minutes about my alleged performance shortcomings, there was never discussion with or feedback from my boss, there was no PIP.

Just a sacking letter."

Peter Opondo sacking letter
Image: Linked In

Opondo added, "The HR honcho just told me my boss didn't think I was the right person for the job. Fair enough, every boss is entitled to their own opinion. What about facts? They then asked me to either sign the termination letter or resign on my own volition to "protect my professional reputation" - so that the company can announce I left to pursue "personal interests".

I chose to embrace my sacking. I was fired. It is what it is. This is nothing to be ashamed about...it's someone's opinion about me, it doesn't change who I am.

I am pretty sure I will be vindicated soon...so I own my low, and learn from it. What doesn't kill you makes you strong. Fail early, fail often, fail forward. It is life! #leadership #lifeadvice."

He shared his termination letter as well. 

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