Betty Kyallo has been trending this past week and all because of her personal life. The big rumour is that the mother of one has a shiny new man in her life.

Yes, almost half a decade after separating from former hubby Dennis Okari, the TV personality looks to have fallen for one fashionable individual.

The rumour was first broken by popular blogger Edgar Obare with some fuzzy photos being posted on his social media page showing Betty having a heart to heart with a bearded man.

The rumoured man is lawyer, Nick Ndeda. Yep, lawyer. Not the radio personality who was in the news this past month for getting a vasectomy, something that is ultra-rare in Kenya.

Betty herself added to the claims that she was seeing the advocate with a scintillating post on her Instagram page this week. Her message was addressed to Nick Ndeda. 

She wrote, "One Month in and waaah the warnings I’ve gotten. Weeeuh. Mara it’s the sun, water, gym. Be careful baby. It’s rough out there I’m too happy. Even the sun is an enemy… utachomeka, “our wife"."

The man is something to look at with the loaded and bearded lawyer known for his exquisite stylish suits and easy smile.

One can see why Betty would likely fall for this tattooed man. Check out more of his images below:

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