Diana Marua became a household name in Kenya after becoming the girlfriend of fast-rising musician, Bahati.

The two soon became the IT couple getting married with two kids soon following afterward.

Since been blessed with riches, the couple has removed nearly all vestiges of the tough upbringings that they both faced.

And although the couple is controversial(the couple that many Kenyans love to hate on), that doesn't mean that their rags to riches stories aren't inspiring nonetheless.

Yesterday night, Diana who is a former model, decided to show her I.D card and wasn't it a sight for sore eyes!

As most people are aware, Kenyan I.D card photos are normally very poorly done and rarely if ever bring out the best side of the person being photographed.

Using her Instagram page, the mother of two showed her dusty photo and complained bitterly about the quality therein.

Her hilarious caption read, "Even in my Worst Days I don't look like this. Someone please recall all the cameras they used to take our ID pictures and burn them a'beg. This is tarnishing someone's image and it's an offense Show me your ID."

Her hubby's reaction to the photo was cheeky with the singer insisting that he should be getting the praise for the glow-up that she now enjoys.

He wrote, "Wewe Kubali Tuu Nimeku - Upgrade Sweetie 😂😂😂😂."

Do you agree?

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