Comedian Eric Omondi doesn't seem to mind a good beef. Yes, he might not be a rapper who engages in rap battles but that doesn't mean the popular comic doesn't let his elbows out when he feels disrespected.

This past week, Eric and KFCB boss Ezekiel Mutua re-ignited their war after months of detente'. The two who have had many scuffles in the past especially as far as Eric's content goes seem to be going all in, in their new battle.

After last week's put-down by the KFCB boss where he said that Eric was struggling financially, the father of one has hit back this weekend.

Not only did he flaunt a pile of money he claimed to be Sh 3 million in notes, but he also revealed that he had filled a 40,000 stadium in Tanzania challenging Ezekiel to match Eric's power.

And it seems that Eric isn't done yet, explaining his gripes with Mr. Mutua on Mungai Eve’s YouTube channel, where he divulged his strategy to deal with Mr. Mutua. He said;

”Apologizie entertainment industry awaombe msamaha. Maanake asipofanya ivo, mimi binafsi nitahakakikisha hatakuwa kwa ile ofisi… Ezekiel yuko pale kwa ajili ya wasanii.

Asipoomba msamaha, tutamwandikia Rais barua. Sisi wote kama wasanii tupeane yale malalamiko. Na tutachukuwa signatures kutoka kwa every artists.”

He also added that the KFCB boss is still stuck in the ‘analogue’ age. How will this war end? Your guess is as good as mine...

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