Wahu and Nameless were interviewed by comedian Churchill Ndambuki yesterday. The two were a ball of fun as they spoke on their marriage and their wonderful experiences over the over-20 years they have known each other.

The couple regaled Churchill with one particular experience telling Churchill how Nameless had been slapped by a man as they strolled, all because of Wahu.

“There was a time I was slapped, you know I was very touchy natembea na yeye niko na dem msupa marking my territory then as we were walking I was slapped. A group of guys walking towards us, and one slapped me so me nilitoa miwani, the guys left.”

What did Wahu herself think of the experience? She said that her hubby was exaggerating.

The two first met at the Grand Regency(now Laico Regency) after a mutual friend introduced them. Nameless was at the time a backup dancer and met Wahu after his performance.

He added cheekily that she was the one who hit on him first.“We met tuu hapo mbele kwa hio show alinikatia, nikaingia box.”

For her part, Wahu admitted that the 'Juju' singer had grown on her with his nice guy routine. And how had they kept the spark alive during their 15-year marriage?

"I think the friendship you know when you are a friend, you try and understand," Nameless answered.

Wahu herself agreed with this sentiment saying, ‘I think the friendship, we met when we were in campus I liked him when he was Monski, not Nameless, otherwise, he would have had to work really hard to get me."

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