•If you cannot take care of the kids or educate them please give them to me.- Mike Sonko

Mike Sonko and Caroline Kangogo
Image: Facebook

Ex-Nairobi Governor has said he is willing to take in Caroline Kangogo's kids if her family can't take care of them.

According to Sonko the children are not to blame for what their mother did hence they deserve a second chance.

Corporal Kangogo was found dead at her parent's home in Elgeyo Marakwet. She had been on the run after committing two murders in the span of two days.

Through his social media, Sonko wrote.

"I don’t advocate for what Carolyn Kangogo did but nilipo post and said something could be wrong in her relationship with her two boyfriends she murdered, she was hunted like a devil through the media.

What other justice was she to get? If the public caught her, they would have lynched her without getting her side of the story because her case has been investigated and prosecuted through the court of public opinion.

Now that she's no more everyone is sympathizing with her. Bravo to Lawyers John Khaminwa and Cliff Ombetta for trying to reach out to her for assistance."

Sonko added,

"Mungu anifundishe kunyamaza but whether she committed suicide or aliuwawa depression is real and the same predicament can befall anyone.

My special request to her innocent family in Elgeyo marakwet. If you cannot take care of the kids or educate them please give them to me.

I will live with them and educate them. Children are a blessing from God. R.I.P Caroline Kangogo."

Although dramatic, Sonko is known for his generous heart. He has two adopted kids in the past, namely Gift Osinya and Satrine Osinya.

He adopted the two after a terrorist attack at a Mombasa church killed their mother and left a bullet lodged in  Satrine's head.

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