• He tucked tail, refused to settle matters in his boma.

• No amount of money will bail you out from that reality.

Jamal Rohosafi has become a household name this year. The man who was an unknown until he started associating with socialite Amber Ray who then became his wife.

It was all bright lights and mirth as the two flaunted their new love for all and sundry to see. But their fairy-tale love story would hit a stumbling block after it emerged that Jamal was a married man.

But wasn't he a Muslim? Aren't Muslim men allowed to marry up to 4 wives according to their Islamic religion? They are. So no fuss there.

But other issues soon popped up. Apparently, Jamal hadn't introduced Amber to his first wife Amira. Not only that, he hadn't even told her that he would be marrying her as a second wife!

All these points at a serious disconnect between Jamal and his first wife. But their issues wouldn't end there. Amber then started tactlessly staking her claim as the second wife, doing it with such relish and abandon that one would/could feel for Amira.

Not only did Amber claim to control his social media accounts but she even started speaking against(on social media) her co-wife, something that is a no-no among co-wives. (Keep your beef private!).

And did Jamal check Amber? Nope! He was as silent as a grave. By this time one could sense the frustration peaking within Amira, with her interview on Radio Jambo serving as an appetizer of what was to come.

Not only had her husband take a second wife without her knowledge but he also let that woman speak against her! A woman who had borne him two sons!

Seeing that Jamal wasn't going to keep Amber in pocket, Amira decided to fight for herself going on her own passive-aggressive social media campaign.

Two weeks ago, things hit a crescendo with the two co-wives engaged in a highly-publicized fight in their homes that are conveniently in the same neighborhood of Syokimau. 

And what did Jamal do? He tucked tail, refused to settle matters in his boma. A few days later, the wealthy businessman was spotted with Amber hanging out at a social event in Machakos, a subtle hint at who his favourite wife was.

And that brings me to the reason I wrote this article. This week, Amira spoke to blogger Edgar Obare and claimed some very nasty and terrible things about Jamal(things I can't repeat at the moment).

Some might have been shocked that Amira was "exposing" the man she had known from the time she was a teenager.

Thing is. I might not agree with her methods but I see where she is coming from. This is a woman who has been scorned. She is fighting disrespect the only way she can, that is by speaking her truth.

Is it all true? No idea. But what I do know is that Jamal could have prevented all this from happening with better control of his boma, by mismanaging the whole situation

Many famous Muslim men are polygamous and you will never see this type of drama coming from their houses. Tells me Jamal is in way over his head and doesn't have the necessary skills to be a polygamous man. 

Dealing with one woman is tough, dealing with two!? That is SKILL! No amount of money will bail you out from that reality.

But what do I know...

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