• In one way or the other some people did not think we would work out.

Jalango and Kamene
Image: Instagram

Kiss FM radio presenter has asked Kenyans to take a day at a time to invest in the future instead of wanting instant results.

According to the voluptuous radio host, "your future is a daily investment you are making towards achieving your goals."

This she said as she and Jalas were marking one year since they started working together. Many doubted if they would last but they have proven their critics wrong.

Celebrating the one-year milestone, Jalas shared:

''Always remember that the future comes one day at a time.

Yesterday marked 1 year one day since Kamene and I started working together.

Amidst every single criticism. In one way or the other, some people did not think we would work out.

We don't say we are perfect, we don't say we are doing good. We don't say we are perfect but we know what we are doing and we know where we are taking the show.

We know who are we are targeting and who we intend to impact.''

Jalango further added:

''We also know how we want the show to impact our life. We are building a future here, one day at a time.''

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