•After I took Ruth from her stepdad, their mum passed away three months later.

Abel Amunga with his daughter Ruth Matete and Grand-daughter Tolua
Image: Instagram

Abel Amunga who is the dad to Ruth Matete has revealed why he did not immediately inform his daughter that her mum had died.

According to Abel, he had just started living with Ruth after taking her away from her toxic stepdad as she had just started schooling.

"I took Ruth back with me after her biological mum died.

She had been hospitalized after her husband beat her up and she was pregnant, she had a stillbirth and was admitted to the hospital.

Three months later she passed away.

When I went to pick up Ruth she was barefoot, she had never joined school not even pre-unit, she had Kwashiorkor. Seeing her like that broke my heart into pieces.

She only knew how to speak in Luhya.

I blamed myself for not being there for Ruth, It happens to all men (self-blame) and it does not make you less of a man.

When you fail, pick up your pieces and move on."

Amunga added that trying to make Ruth Matete fit in wasn't a walk in the park.

''She had never been to school at age 7.

I felt like I should not forgive my ex for what she had done but did after she eloped with a man leaving Ruth when she was 9 months old.

Initially, I thought a child is more safer and comfortable with the mother than with the father, that is why I let her stay with the mum.

I had a feeling she was OK.''

Amunga says three months after visiting Ruth's mum in hospital, she passed away.

"After I took Ruth from her stepdad, their mum passed away three months later.

I did not immediately tell Ruth as she had just joined class one. I told her when during the holidays.

We then traveled to the grave and paid our last respects. It only hit her later that she lost her mum.''